Interview Rainer Nigg
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Rainer Nigg

Let’s start with a short description of yourself and your background.

I have an extensive background in the international financial services industry. I have worked in securities sales and trading and advised institutional investors. I gathered international experience in London, Hong Kong and Geneva and have held senior positions with investment banks Bear Stearns and Sociéte Generale as well as the private banking arms of LGT Bank in Liechtenstein and BNP Paribas.


Deloitte recently confirmed Switzerland as the world’s leading private wealth management centre. Why does Switzerland remain on top despite turbulences?

 Switzerland’s stable political and economic environment, its strong currency, and top-notch private banking expertise is sought after by wealthy investors around the world. The high quality services, an internationally experienced work force and a wide range of products, e.g. multi-currencies, complement an existing domestic portfolio.


As a Swiss wealth manager, why did you decide to register with the SEC in the United States?

In order to offer a platform for American clients, giving them the possibility to keep their bank accounts in Switzerland, we registered with the SEC. That way we can provide unrestricted cross border wealth management services to Americans domiciled in the US. We see a large potential in the US market.


What particular needs does an American investor have?

International diversification, not just investment-wise and currency-wise, but jurisdictionally too. Not many American investors are adequately diversified and they miss out on international opportunities. And when going international, do so with as much privacy, quality and safety available.


How do you address these needs?

Ameliora Wealth Management provides discretionary asset management services across all asset classes. Each client portfolio is structured after evaluating risk tolerance, investment goal and time horizon, expected return, liquidity requirements, and tax considerations.

Ameliora’s investment strategy targets sustainable long-term results, where the preservation of capital is as important as capital appreciation while maintaining a sufficient level of diversification.

Our portfolio’s international diversification include top-quality European securities. We also work together with trusts and foundations.


If you were to give one important piece of advice to American clients, what would it be?

Hold a portion of your assets outside of the United States. An independent SEC registered investment adviser, without any conflicts of interest, will be able to advise you in your best interest.

Ameliora Wealth Management

Ameliora Wealth Management Ltd.

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Minimum amount of investment:

USD 1,000,000

At Ameliora Wealth Management, we take pride in being truly independent investment advisers. We are Swiss-based, but focus exclusively on the unique needs of U.S. clients. 

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