Anaford Attorneys at Law

Anaford AG

Tödistrasse 53, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland

T: +41 44 567 88 05   F: +41 44 567 88 06

Rue de Mont-Blanc 3, 1201 Geneva, Switzerland

T: +41 22 544 88 91   F: + 41 22 544 88 91

Anaford PLLC

1401 Brickell Avenue, Suite 420

Miami, FL 33131, USA

T: +1 305 529 35 90    F: +1 305 529 3599

Anaford also has offices in Barcelona and Valencia, Spain.

Anaford's core practice focuses on providing clients with bespoke advice on international tax and wealth planning matters, including assisting financial institutions in producing tax and compliance reports for their own clients from different jurisdictions. 

Matthew Ledvina
Matthew Ledvina - Co-Head US tax practice

I co-head the US tax practice in the Zurich office. I specialize in private client practice and accommodating the needs of the private banking industry. My practice focuses on cross-border tax and structuring, asset protection, multi-jurisdictional investment structures, as well as international tax controversy work for private clients involving the use of trusts, foundations and other fiduciary arrangements.

+41 44 567 88 18   

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