Qualified custodian banks

In collaboration with a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser

In collaboration with a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser, an account can be established with a Swiss, Liechtenstein, and/or with some Swiss SEC RIAs, a US custodian bank.

The client chooses one of the qualified custodian banks that accepts American clients in collaboration with a Swiss SEC RIA and gives the Swiss SEC RIA a discretionary mandate with a limited power of attorney to manage the account (or an advisory mandate) held with the custodian bank. Swiss SEC RIAs may collaborate with several Swiss, Liechtenstein and US banks, the choice is yours.

US client, custosian, asset manager relationship

Banque Pictet & Cie

Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland


Some other banks that accept American clients in collaboration with a Swiss SEC RIA: Banque Cramer & Cie SA, Bank Julius Baer, Dreyfus Sons & Cie AG, Rahn & Bodmer Co., Reichmuth Bank & Co., Syz, UBS, Union Bancaire Prive√©, Vontobel. 

The Swiss custodian bank adheres to FATCA requirements and provides all the statements and documents required for reporting as well as for preparing the forms you need to file with the IRS.

There are also banks in Liechtenstein, Switzerland's AAA-rated neighbor that also welcome American clients, e.g. Bank Alpinum AG.

Only in collaboration with Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers here

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